Redline Science is a company founded in 2020 to manufacture products in the reptile, aquatics and horticulture worlds. Founded by Robyn Markland, who previously founded ShipYourReptiles and The Reptile Report. Robyn started his career in the reptile industry as a reptile breeder with Pro Exotics Reptiles in 1993. ShipYourReptiles was created in 2009, and The Reptile Report was created in 2012. After starting with livestock, moving to service (SYR), then information/marketing (The Reptile Report), the Redline Science adventure will develop innovative and useful products on the manufacturing side.

Redline Science is a team of partners, including other influential and experienced powerhouse names in the reptile world. We look forward to growing our product line and reach deep into the reptile, aquatics and horticulture worlds.